package tiny_httpd

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Some utils for writing web servers

  • since 0.2
val percent_encode : ?skip:(char -> bool) -> string -> string

Encode the string into a valid path following

  • parameter skip

    if provided, allows to preserve some characters, e.g. '/' in a path.

val percent_decode : string -> string option

Inverse operation of percent_encode. Can fail since some strings are not valid percent encodings.

val split_query : string -> string * string

Split a path between the path and the query

  • since 0.5
val get_non_query_path : string -> string

get the part of the path that is not the query parameters.

  • since 0.5
val get_query : string -> string

Obtain the query part of a path.

  • since 0.4
val parse_query : string -> ((string * string) list, string) Stdlib.result

Parse a query as a list of '&' or ';' separated key=value pairs. The order might not be preserved.

  • since 0.3

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