package tezos-dac-client-lib

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V0 is a module that provides a client specification for interacting with experimental Tezos_lib_dac.Rpc_services.Api.V0 API. Note that even though V0 api is binding, it is already deprecated. Use it at your own risk!

get_preimage cctxt ~hash requests the preimage of hash, consisting of a single page, from cctxt. When the request succeeds, the raw page will be returned as a sequence of bytes.

val put_dac_member_signature : cctxt -> signature:Tezos_dac_lib.Signature_repr.t -> unit Tezos_base.TzPervasives.tzresult Lwt.t

put_dac_member_signature cctxt ~signature:Signature_repr.t stores the signature generated from signing hex_root_hash by dac_member_pkh.

get_certificate cctxt ~root_page_hash fetches the DAC certificate for the provided root_page_hash.

get_serialized_certificate cctxt ~root_page_hash fetches and serialize the DAC certificate for the provided root_page_hash.

monitor_certificate cctxt ~root_hash returns a stream and a stopper for monitoring certificate updates for root_hash.

module Coordinator : sig ... end
module Observer : sig ... end

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