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# Telemetry

Telemetry is a lightweight library for dynamic dispatching of events, with a focus on metrics and instrumentation. Any OCaml library can use telemetry to emit events, then application code and other libraries can then hook into those events and run custom handlers.

## Getting Started

Install from Opam:

``` opam install telemetry ```

Create some events in your library or application code:

```ocaml type Telemetry.event += Web_request_done of latency: int Telemetry.emit (Web_request_done latency = 10 ); ```

And now attach listeners:

```ocaml Telemetry.attach (fun ev -> match ev with | Web_request_done latency -> Printf.printf "Web request took %sms" latency | _ -> () ); ```

type event = ..

The type of a Telemetry event.

This type is an extensible variant to allow for anyone to define new types of events, and upstream consumers to easily match and consume them.

val attach : (event -> unit) -> unit

`attach handler` adds `handler` so that it can handle events.

a `handler` is just a function so it can choose what to do with every event as they come.

val emit : event -> unit

`emit e` emits the event `e` and eventually executes all the handlers that were attached before it.


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