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Module Stog . Config
val debug : bool ref
type module_levels = {
module_name : string;
levels : (string * int list) list;
type t = {
ignored : string list;
documents : string list;
not_documents : string list;
levels : module_levels list;

Contents of .stog/config file.

val config_dir : string -> string

config_dir dir returns the stog configuration directory in the given directory.

val config_file : string -> string

config_file dir returns the stog config file for a given project directory, that is Filename.concat (config_dir dir) "config".

val tmpl_dir : string -> string

tmpl_dir dir returns the directory containing templates, from a stog project directory.

val cache_dir : string -> string

cache_dir dir returns the cache directory, from a stog project directory.

val modules_dir : string -> string

modules_dir dir returns the modules directory, from a stog project directory.

val read_config : string -> t

read_config file returns the configuration stored in the given stog configuration file. If the file does not exists, it is created. The file is also written back, so that new fields automatically appear in the file.