Dune's unstable standard library
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Library stdune
Module Stdune . Console

The console is a system than can report messages and a status to the user. It is usually the terminal the application is connected to, however it could be something else. This module allow to set a global backend for the application as well as composing backends.

module Backend : sig ... end

The main backend for the application

include Backend.S
val print_user_message : User_message.t -> unit

Format and print a user message to the console

val set_status_line : User_message.Style.t Pp.t option -> unit

Change the status line

val print_if_no_status_line : User_message.Style.t Pp.t -> unit

Print a message if the backend does not display the status line. This is needed so that the important status changes show up even when a dumb terminal backend is used.

val reset : unit -> unit

Reset the log output

val print : User_message.Style.t Pp.t list -> unit

print paragraphs is a short-hand for:

print_user_message (User_message.make paragraphs)
val printf : ( 'a, unit, string, unit ) format4 -> 'a

printf fmt is a convenient function for debugging. It formats a string and then print it raw followed by a newline. It is the same as:

print [Pp.verbatim (sprintf fmt ...)]

For properly formatted output you should use print.

module Status_line : sig ... end

Status line management