package socketcan

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CAN bindings to the Linux SocketCAN interface

module Id : sig ... end

CAN identifiers of either standard (11 Bit) or extended frame format (29 Bit) size

module Frame : sig ... end

CAN frames representing CAN message frames including CAN identifier, payload and time of arrival.

module Mask : sig ... end

CAN identifier masks for use with filters.

module Filter : sig ... end

Filters for incoming data that can be applied to a socket.

module Error : sig ... end

Errors of the CAN interface

module Socket : sig ... end

A CAN socket: This is a file descriptor on which CAN message frames can be sent and received.

module BCM : sig ... end

The SocketCAN BroadCast Manager (BCM) allows to send CAN message frames from kernel space; the kernel e.g. can then send periodic messages without having to be triggered by user space.


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