package sihl

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val find_opt : id:string -> stored option Lwt.t

Get the meta data of a complete file.

This will not download the content, use get_data_base64 for that.

val find : id:string -> stored Lwt.t
val delete : id:string -> unit Lwt.t
val upload_base64 : file -> base64:string -> stored Lwt.t

Upload base64 string as data content for file.

val update_base64 : stored -> base64:string -> stored Lwt.t

Upload and overwrite base64 strong content of file.

val download_data_base64_opt : stored -> string option Lwt.t

Download actual file content for file.

val download_data_base64 : stored -> string Lwt.t
val register : unit -> Sihl__.Core_container.Service.t
val lifecycle : Sihl__.Core_container.lifecycle

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