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Storage service implementations for Sihl


Dune Dependency





[1.0.0] - 2021-05-03


  • The search_query for Sihl.Database.prepare_search_request has to return the total amount of rows for that query without limit. On PostgreSQL and MariaDB this can be done with COUNT(*) OVER() as total. No count_queryis needed anymore.

User service
  • Add optional given_name and name

  • Deprecate update_details in favor of update

  • Consistent use of named arguments in service API


  • Optional argument format_filter for formatting the search keyword when filtering in Sihl.Database.prepare_search_request

[0.6.0] - 2021-04-30


  • Add CLI generators as built-in CLI commands gen.service (for generating CRUD services), gen.view (for generating CRUD views) and gen.html (for generating CRUD RESTful resources)

  • Sihl.Web.Rest.{query, to_query_string, of_query_string, next_page, previous_page, last_page, first_page, query_filter, query_sort, query_limit, query_offset}

  • Add ParcelJS based asset pipeline to template project in template

  • Database helpers to conveniently run exactly one caqti request Sihl.Database.find, Sihl.Database.find_opt, Sihl.Database.exec and Sihl.Database.collect

  • The search function of the user service from sihl-user takes an optional argument offset. This allows you to implement offset based pagination.


  • Replace the usaged of Lwt.Syntax with lwt_ppx for nicer error messages in your Sihl apps

  • Rework built-in commands (start is now server, commands are namespaced with .)

  • The command function in Sihl.Command.make returns unit option Lwt.t and Sihl takes care of printing the usage if Lwt.return None is returned

  • Replaced Sihl.Database.prepare_requests with Sihl.Database.prepare_search_request

  • Replaced Sihl.Database.run_request with Sihl.Database.run_search_request

  • Make search query type 'a Sihl.Database.prepared_search_query abstract to reduce API clutter. The search queries are highly specific to the implementation and are not likely to be re-used independently from run_search_request.

  • Change query to fully fledged search in Sihl.Rest.SERVICE to support paginated, filtered and sorted views

[0.5.0] - 2021-04-10


  • Sihl.Web.Rest provides helpers to quickly create HTML resources. This is useful to expose any service of type Sihl.Web.Rest.SERVICE through the Internet by making it part of a web app.

[0.4.1] - 2021-03-31


  • Register timezone removal migration in sihl-queue. This makes it easy to change the timezone on the server without breaking applications.

[0.4.0] - 2021-03-27


  • Get rid of Sihl.Web.Middleware.htmx, Sihl.Web.Htmx can be used directly now

  • Sihl.Web.Csrf.find returns string option, use Option.get if you are sure that the CSRF middleware has been applied

  • Take custom unauthenticated_handler for Sihl.Web.Middleware.bearer_token and enforce existence of Bearer token in Authorization header

  • Web helpers moved from Sihl.Web.Http to Sihl.Web. In Sihl.Web.Http there is only the Opium based HTTP service.

  • Replace middlewares with helpers where they don't have to be middlewares such as bearer token (Sihl.Web.Request.bearer_token), htmx (Sihl.Web.Htmx) and session (Sihl.Web.Session)

  • Remove form middleware (Sihl.Web.Middleware.form), use Sihl.Web.Request directly to parse form requests

  • Replace Sihl.Web.Flash.find_custom with Sihl.Web.Flash.find and Sihl.Web.Flash.set_custom with Sihl.Web.Fash.set to support key-value based semantics. If you need to store your custom string, simply store it under a key like Sihl.Web.Flash.set [("custom", value)] resp and retrieve it with Sihl.Web.Flash.find "custom" request

  • Use conformist 0.4.0


  • Read Request-ID-X header if present instead of generating a random id forSihl.Web.Id

  • Implement composable router API Sihl.Web.{get, post, ...} and Sihl.Web.choose.

  • Implement job queue dashboard for sihl-queue

[0.3.0] - 2021-03-12


  • Replace functor based approach with service facade pattern based approach to increase ergonomy

  • Move user_token middleware to sihl-token package


  • Implement MariaDB and PostgreSql backends for all services except storage service

  • JSON Web Token backend for the token service

  • Default middlewares for server side rendered forms and JSON API

[0.2.2] - 2020-12-17


  • Merge form data and urlencoded form parsing and provide them in one middleware

[0.2.1] - 2020-12-09


  • Two subsequent POST request works now with the CSRF middleware

[0.2] - 2020-12-07


  • Extract sihl-core, sihl-type, sihl-contract, sihl-user, sihl-persistence and sihl-web as separate opam packages

  • Increase session key size to 20 bytes

  • Sign session cookies with SIHL_SECRET

  • Simplify session service API

  • Implement generic flash storage on top of session storage and replace the specific message service

  • Update to httpaf-based Opium 0.19.0


  • File log reporter to store logs in logs/error.log and logs/app.log

  • Add log source to log text

[0.1.10] - 2020-11-18


  • Properly load .env files based on project root, can be set using ENV_FILES_PATH

  • Add custom error types for user actions to allow overriding errors displayed to users


  • Determine project rood using markers such as the .git folder

[0.1.9] - 2020-11-16


  • Get rid of Core.Ctx.t

  • Make sure migrations and repo cleaners are registered when registering service

  • Sihl.Core.* modules are now accessible directly under Sihl.*

[0.1.8] - 2020-11-12


  • Get rid of Result.get_ok because it swallows errors

[0.1.7] - 2020-11-03


  • Simplify Database.Service API: Only provide transaction, query and fetch_pool

  • Fixe dune package names, private dune packages don't have generic names like http or database causing conflicts in a Sihl app

[0.1.6] - 2020-10-31


  • Database.Service and Repository.Service are assumed to have just one implementation, so they are referenced directly in service implementations instead of passing them as functor arguments

  • Extract Random.Service from utils as standalone top level service

  • Merge utils into one file

  • Sihl.Http.Response and Sihl.Http.Request have consistent API

  • Sihl.Middleware contains all provided middlewares

  • Implement multi-part form data parsing

[0.1.5] - 2020-10-14


  • Remove seed service since the same functionality

  • Simplify app abstraction, instead of with_ use service APIs directly

  • Extract storage service as sihl-storage opam package

  • Extract email service as sihl-email opam package

  • Extract queue service as sihl-queue opam package

  • Move configuration and logging into core, neither of the are implemented as services

  • Replace pcre with re as regex library to get rid of a system dependency on pcre

  • Split up Sihl.Data into Sihl.Migration, Sihl.Repository and Sihl.Database

  • Move module signatures from Foo.Service.Sig to Foo.Sig, the services might live in a third party opam package, but the signatures are staying in sihl

  • Move Sihl.App to Sihl.Core.App and simplify app API

  • Move log service, config service and cmd service into core (they don't have to be provided to other services through functors)

  • Simplify Sihl app creation and service configuration

[0.1.4] - 2020-09-24


  • Remove reason and tyxml-jsx as dependency as they are not used anymore


  • Various combinators for Sihl.Seed.t including constructor and field accessors

[0.1.3] - 2020-09-14


  • Seed Service with commands seedlist and seedrun <name>


  • Lifecycle API: A service now has two additional functions start and stop, which are used in the lifecycle definition

  • Database service query functions query, atomic and with_connection can now be nested

[0.1.2] - 2020-09-09


  • Re-export Sihl.Queue.Job.t

  • Export content types under Sihl.Web

[0.1.1] - 2020-09-07


  • Don't raise exception when user login fails if it is a user error

  • Remove dev tools as dev dependencies


  • Storage service can remove files

  • Move documentation to ocamldoc based documentation

[0.1.0] - 2020-09-03


  • DB connection leaks caused deadlocks

  • Provide all service dependencies using functors

  • Move Opium & Cohttp specific stuff into the web server service implementation to allow for swappable implementation based on something like httpaf

  • Inject log service to all other services by default


  • Support letters 0.2.0 for SMTP emailing

  • Switch to exception based service API

  • HTTP Response API to respond with file Sihl.Web.Res.file

[0.0.56] - 2020-08-17


  • Stop running integration tests during OPAM release

[0.0.55] - 2020-08-17


  • Initial release of Sihl


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