package sek

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An efficient implementation of ephemeral and persistent sequences


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This OCaml library offers an efficient implementation of sequences.

This data structure supports all of the standard operations on stacks, queues, deques (e.g. push, pop at either end), catenable sequences (concat, split), and random access sequences (get, set).

Data is stored internally in chunks (fixed-capacity arrays), which is why this data structure is known as a chunk sequence.

This data structure comes in two flavors, namely an ephemeral (mutable) flavor and a persistent (immutable) flavor, and offers constant-time conversions between these flavors.

It is intended to achieve excellent time complexity and memory usage.


To install the latest released version, type:

  opam update
  opam install sek

To install the latest development version, type:

  git clone
  cd sek
  opam pin add sek .

To install the latest development version with debugging assertions enabled, type:

  git clone
  cd sek
  make setup
  make install


The documentation of the latest released version is available online. Here are shortcuts to the ephemeral sequence API, the persistent sequence API, and the conversion functions.

The documentation is built locally by make doc and can be viewed via make view.

The file allows playing with the library in the OCaml toplevel loop.