Implementation of RFC1951 in OCaml







v0.9.0 2019-07-10 Paris (France)

  • Add support of 4.07 and 4.08 in Travis (@XVilka, @dinosaure, #70, #71)

  • Use mmap (@XVilka, @dinosaure, @hannesm, #68, #69, #71)

  • Update documentation (@yurug, @dinosaure, #65, #66)

  • Micro-optimization about specialization (@dinosaure, #64)

  • Re-organize internals of decompress (@dinosaure, #63)

  • GZIP support (@clecat, review by @dinosaure, @cfcs, @hannesm, #60)

  • fix #58 (@dinosaure)

v0.8.1 2018-10-16 Paris (France)

  • Dunify project (@dinosaure)

  • breaking-change Unbox Bytes.t and Bigstring.t as I/O buffer (@dinosaure)

  • Add foreign tests vectors (@cfcs, @dinosaure)

  • Catch invalid distance (@XVilka, @dinosaure)

  • Better check on dictionaries (@XVilka, @dinosaure)

  • breaking-change Add [wbits] argument to check Window size on RFC1951 (@XVilka, @dinosaure)

v0.8 2018-07-09 Paris (France)

  • Implementation of RFC1951 (task from @cfcs)

  • breaking change New interface of decompress

    We wrap API in Zlib_{inflate/deflate} and add RFC1951_{inflate/deflate}.

  • Move to jbuilder/dune (task from @samoht)

  • Better check on zlib header

  • Fixed infinite loop (task fron @cfcs)

    See 2e3af68, decompress has an infinite loop when the inflated dictionary
    does not provide any bindings (and length of opcode is <= 0). In this case,
    decompress expects an empty input and provide an empty output in any case.

  • Use re.1.7.2 on tests

  • Use camlzip.1.07 on tests

v0.7 2017-10-18 Paris (France)

  • Fixed Inflate.write function

  • Fixed internal state to stick in a internal final state

  • Fixed compilation with js_of_ocaml (use trampoline function to avoid

  • Fixed clash of name about state variable in the Inflate module

  • Add afl program

  • Export Adler-32 modules

  • Add -i and -o option in the dpipe binary to inform the size of the
    internal chunk

  • Change the value of -mode in the dpipe binary

v0.6 2017-05-11 Cao Lãnh (Vietnam)

  • Fixed bug #29

  • Produce far pattern (Lz77 compression)

  • Optimize memory consumption of the Inflate module

  • Move repository from oklm-wsh to mirage

  • Learn topkg release

v0.5 2017-02-17 Essaouira (Maroc)

  • Stabilize the interface (@dbuenzli's interface)

  • Merge optimization from @yallop

  • Add sync_flush, partial_flush, full_flush (experimental)

  • Move the build system to topkg