package refl

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module type TypeS = Traverse.TypeS
module type BinaryTypeS = sig ... end
val cast : 'a 'b. ('a, 'b) Refl__.Desc.eq -> 'a -> 'b
val eq_symmetric : 'a 'b. ('a, 'b) Refl__.Desc.eq -> ('b, 'a) Refl__.Desc.eq
val sub_gadt_functional : ('a, 'b) Refl__.Desc.sub_gadt -> ('c, 'd) Refl__.Desc.sub_gadt -> ('e, 'f) Refl__.Desc.eq
type 'types selection_of_choice
val equal_binary_choice : 'cases. 'cases Refl__.Desc.binary_choice -> 'cases Refl__.Desc.binary_choice -> bool
val selection_of_choice : 'types. 'types Refl__.Desc.choice -> 'types selection_of_choice
val variable_functional : 'index 'arity 'a 'b 'positive_a 'direct_a 'positive_b 'direct_b. ('index, 'arity, 'a, 'positive_a, 'direct_a) Refl__.Desc.variable -> ('index, 'arity, 'b, 'positive_b, 'direct_b) Refl__.Desc.variable -> ('a, 'b) Refl__.Desc.eq
type ('index, 'index') compare =
  1. | LessThan
  2. | GreaterThan
val compare_length : 'count_a 'types_a 'count_b 'types_b. ('count_a, 'types_a) Refl__.Desc.length -> ('count_b, 'types_b) Refl__.Desc.length -> ('count_a, 'count_b) compare
val compare_selection : 'index 'index' 'sequence 'sequence' 'head 'tail 'head' 'tail'. ('index, 'sequence, 'head, 'tail) Refl__.Desc.selection -> ('index', 'sequence', 'head', 'tail') Refl__.Desc.selection -> ('index, 'index') compare
val int_of_selection : 'index 'sequence 'head 'tail. ?start:int -> ('index, 'sequence, 'head, 'tail) Refl__.Desc.selection -> int
val int_of_binary_selection : 'index 'sequence 'head 'tail. ?start:int -> ('index, 'sequence, 'head, 'tail) Refl__.Desc.binary_selection -> int
val selection_functional_tail : 'index 'sequence 'head 'tail 'head' 'tail'. ('index, 'sequence, 'head, 'tail) Refl__.Desc.selection -> ('index, 'sequence, 'head', 'tail') Refl__.Desc.selection -> ('tail, 'tail') Refl__.Desc.eq
val selection_functional_head : 'index 'sequence 'head 'head' 'tail 'tail'. ([ `Succ of 'index ], 'sequence, 'head, 'tail) Refl__.Desc.selection -> ([ `Succ of 'index ], 'sequence, 'head', 'tail') Refl__.Desc.selection -> ('head, 'head') Refl__.Desc.eq
val compare_binary_selection : 'index 'index' 'sequence 'sequence' 'head 'tail 'head' 'tail'. ('index, 'sequence, 'head, 'tail) Refl__.Desc.binary_selection -> ('index', 'sequence', 'head', 'tail') Refl__.Desc.binary_selection -> ('index, 'index') compare
val binary_selection_functional_tail : 'index 'sequence 'head 'tail 'head' 'tail'. ('index, 'sequence, 'head, 'tail) Refl__.Desc.binary_selection -> ('index, 'sequence, 'head', 'tail') Refl__.Desc.binary_selection -> ('tail, 'tail') Refl__.Desc.eq
val binary_selection_functional_head : 'index 'sequence 'head 'head' 'tail 'tail'. ([ `Select of 'index ], 'sequence, 'head, 'tail) Refl__.Desc.binary_selection -> ([ `Select of 'index ], 'sequence, 'head', 'tail') Refl__.Desc.binary_selection -> ('head, 'head') Refl__.Desc.eq
val equal_variable : 'index_a 'index_b 'arity_a 'arity_b 'a 'b 'positive_a 'positive_b 'direct_a 'direct_b. ('index_a, 'arity_a, 'a, 'positive_a, 'direct_a) Refl__.Desc.variable -> ('index_b, 'arity_b, 'b, 'positive_b, 'direct_b) Refl__.Desc.variable -> (('index_a, 'index_b) Refl__.Desc.eq, unit) Stdlib.result
val attributes_empty : ('a, 'b, 'c, 'd, 'e, 'f, 'g, 'h) Refl__.Desc.attributes
module type VectorS = sig ... end
module Vector (T : sig ... end) : VectorS with module T = T
module BinaryVector (T : BinaryTypeS) : sig ... end
module ParameterizedVector (T : BinaryTypeS) : sig ... end
module SignedVector (T : BinaryTypeS) : sig ... end
module type Desc_type = sig ... end
module Desc_vector (T : Desc_type) : sig ... end
module Section : sig ... end
type ('a_arity, 'b_arity, 'rec_group, 'kinds_a, 'kinds_b, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) map = {
  1. f : 'a 'b 'structure. ('a, 'structure, 'a_arity, 'rec_group, 'kinds_a, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) Refl__.Desc.desc -> ('b, 'structure, 'b_arity, 'rec_group, 'kinds_b, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) Refl__.Desc.desc -> 'a -> 'b;
module type Mapper = sig ... end
type 'count map_length
type ('types, 'tail) make_append
val make_append : 'count 'types. ('count, 'types) Refl__.Desc.length -> ('types, 'tail) make_append
module MapperTools (M : Mapper) : sig ... end
val append_functional : 'prefix 'suffix 'result1 'result2. ('prefix, 'suffix, 'result1) Refl__.Desc.append -> ('prefix, 'suffix, 'result2) Refl__.Desc.append -> ('result1, 'result2) Refl__.Desc.eq
module Tuple : sig ... end
module Record : sig ... end
module Constructor : sig ... end
module Variant : sig ... end
module Object : sig ... end

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