package refl

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module Record : sig ... end
module Field : sig ... end
include module type of struct include Record end
type ('types, 'structures, 'arity, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) t = ('types, 'structures, 'arity, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) Record.t = {
  1. structure : ('types, 'structures, 'arity, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) Refl__.Desc.record_structure;
  2. values : 'types;
val map : 'a_types 'b_types 'structures 'gadt. ('a_arity, 'b_arity, 'rec_group, [> `Poly of unit ] as 'a, 'kinds_b, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) map -> ('a_types, 'structures, 'a_arity, 'rec_group, 'a, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) Refl__.Desc.record_structure -> ('b_types, 'structures, 'b_arity, 'rec_group, 'kinds_b, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) Refl__.Desc.record_structure -> 'a_types -> 'b_types
module Map (M : Mapper) : sig ... end
type ('types, 'structures, 'arity, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) fold
val fold : (('types, 'structures, 'arity, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadt) fold -> 'acc -> 'acc) -> ('types0, 'structures0, 'arity0, 'rec_group0, 'kinds0, 'positive0, 'negative0, 'direct0, 'gadt0) t -> 'acc0 -> 'acc1
module Fields : sig ... end
module Records : sig ... end
type ('index, 'structure, 'structures, 'arities, 'records, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadts) structure_find =
  1. | Structure_find : {
    1. section : ([ `Succ of 'index ], 'records, 'section, 'others) Section.t;
    2. items : ('section, 'structure, 'arities, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadts) Fields.t;
    3. others : ('others, 'structures, 'arities, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadts) Records.t;
    } -> ('index, 'structure, 'structures, 'arities, 'records, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadts) structure_find
type ('records, 'structures, 'arities, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadts) find
val find : 'arities 'gadts. ('record * 'records, 'structures, 'arities, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadts) Records.t -> (('record * 'records, 'structures, 'arities, 'rec_group, 'kinds, 'positive, 'negative, 'direct, 'gadts) find -> 'a option) -> 'a option

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