package prbnmcn-ucb1

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Module type
Class type
module type Arm_sig = sig ... end

The UCB1 module is parameterised by a finite set of actions presented as an array of abstract "arms", each arm corresponding to an action.

Phantom types used to tag the state of the bandit.

type awaiting_reward

awaiting_rewards tags bandits from which an arm was selected and are awaiting the reward associated to this arm.

type ready_to_move

ready_to_move tags bandits that are ready to perform another action.

type arm_statistics = {
  1. number_of_activations : float;

    Number of times this arm was activated.

  2. cumulative_reward : float;

    Total reward gathered by this arm.

  3. empirical_reward : float;

    Average reward gathered by this arm.


Statistics of a given arm.

module type S = sig ... end
module Make (Arm : Arm_sig) : S with type arm = Arm.t

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