package prbnmcn-mcts

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Module type
Class type
type terminal

Type of states.

type nonterminal
type state =
  1. | Terminal of terminal
  2. | Nonterminal of nonterminal

States must be distinguished as either terminal or nonterminal.

type action

Actions that can be taken at each state.

val actions : nonterminal -> action array

Actions available at a given state.

val next : nonterminal -> action -> state

Given a state and an action, one can move to the next state.

val reward : terminal -> float

Reward at a terminal state.

val exploration_depth : [ `Unbounded | `Bounded of int ]

The MCTS is parameterised by a Monte-Carlo exploration. Setting to `Uniform will use an uniform search.

val exploration_kernel : [ `Uniform | `Kernel of nonterminal -> state gen ]
val pp_action : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> action -> unit
val pp_terminal : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> terminal -> unit
val pp_nonterminal : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> nonterminal -> unit

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