package ppxx

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Create a variable AST of the given name like "x"

Create an longident AST of the given name, such as "Printf.printf".

Create an longident AST.

val unit : unit -> Ast_405.Parsetree.expression

Create a string AST

Create an int AST

Create a bool AST

val parse : string -> Ast_405.Parsetree.expression

Parse the given string as an expression and returns the corresponding AST

Create object method m1 = e1 .. method mn = en end.

val assert_false : unit -> Ast_405.Parsetree.expression

Create assert false

override's default is false

Imported from Ast_helper

val is_simple_ext : string -> Ast_405.Parsetree.expression -> bool

is_simple_ext <str> e Returns true if e is %<str>.


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