package ppx_inline_test

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Syntax extension for writing in-line tests in ocaml code


Dune Dependency





Release v0.17.0

  • Added Ppx_inline_test_lib.init, which re-configures the test runner with a new set of arguments, rather than those from the command line.

Release v0.16.0

  • Renamed Ppx_inline_test_runner.Runtime to Ppx_inline_test_runner

  • Renamed Ppx_inline_test_runner.Runtime.am_running_inline_test{,_env_var} to Ppx_inline_test_runner.am_running{,_env_var}

  • New tag let%test _ [@tags "disabled"] for tests that shouldn't run by default

  • Make the README state how to pass flags to the inline tests runner in jbuild/dune files

  • A bit of progress towards supporting running tests in parallel with dune (from @hhugo)

Old pre-v0.15 changelogs (very likely stale and incomplete)


  • Honor the inline_tests Dune variable so that inline tests are dropped in release builds


  • Depend on ppxlib instead of (now deprecated) ppx_core, ppx_driver and ppx_metaquot.


  • Changed the runtime API to make it easier to build test runners: replace the Runtime.Test_result.record system by Runtime.add_evaluator

  • Tell the build system via output metadata whether a file contains tests or not


  • Allow to configure hooks for inline tests by redefining a module Inline_test_config.


  • Expect-tests can now be written inline in libraries by using let%expect_test.

    The runtime library has been split into two components: the test runner, which collects the output of the test body, and registers enough information to construct the *.ml.corrected file from the input; and the test evaluator, which compares the test output against the expected output and generates the output files.

  • Update to follow Ppx_core evolution.

  • When an exception is raised inside a let%test_module, display the position and name of the TEST_MODULE, same as for the let%test.

  • Mark attributes as handled inside explicitly dropped pieces of code.

    So that a @@deriving inside a let%test dropped by ppx_inline_test_drop doesn't cause a failure.


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