package ppx_expect

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Collect the output that has been run since the last call to save_output, or since the current expect-test started running.

This function should only be called while a test is running. It is meant to be called as a result of ppx_expect translating an expect-test, and is not intended to be called manually.

val save_and_return_output : Expect_test_common.File.Location.t -> string Config.IO_flush.t
val run : file_digest:Expect_test_common.File.Digest.t -> location:Expect_test_common.File.Location.t -> absolute_filename:string -> description:string option -> tags:string list -> expectations:Expect_test_common.Expectation.Raw.t list -> uncaught_exn_expectation:Expect_test_common.Expectation.Raw.t option -> inline_test_config:Ppx_inline_test_lib.Runtime.config -> (unit -> unit Config.IO_run.t) -> unit

Run an expect-test