package ppx_cstubs

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Preprocessor for easier stub generation with ctypes


Dune Dependency





0.5.1 (13/03/2022)

  • better support for ancient C compilers like msvc

  • easier handling when a C++ compiler must be used, see the new -cxx command-line flag. Compatibility with varios C++ compilers has also been improved. (10/08/2021)

  • compatibility fix for integers 0.5.0 (19/02/2021)

  • small compatibility fix for ctypes 0.18.0

0.5.0 (07/02/2021)

  • support for OCaml 4.12.0+beta1

  • minor changes in order to be compatible with the upcoming 0.6.0 version that is based on ppxlib instead of ocaml-migrate-parstree.1.x

0.4.3 (26/07/2020)

  • support for OCaml 4.11.0+beta

  • better dune support for ppx_cstubs.merlin

0.4.1 (13/05/2020)

  • bump internally used AST version to 4.11

  • fix linking for older OCaml versions

0.4.0 (30/04/2020)

  • Generalized open statements are now used to hide ppx_cstubs's boilerplate code from the interface, if OCaml 4.08 or later is used. Autogenerated interface files (ocamlc -i/cmitomli) that are created with these versions of OCaml are also valid for previous OCaml versions, but not vice versa.

  • bump internally used AST version to 4.10

0.3.0 (26/01/2020)

  • support for OCaml 4.10.0+beta1

  • fix merlin mode

  • bump internally used AST version to 4.09

  • let-bound constants

0.2.1 (12/08/2019)

  • support OCaml 4.09.0+beta1

  • bump internally used AST version from 4.06 to 4.08

0.2.0 (13/07/2019)

  • ppx_cstubs now compiles with OCaml 4.08.0.

  • Add support for static callbacks as an alternative to the libffi based Foreign.funptr.

  • Allow to use abstract values (similar to Ctypes.abstract) and integers of unknown size and signedness.

0.1.0 (24/04/2019)

  • First initial release