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Published: 31 May 2018


PGX is a pure-OCaml PostgreSQL client library, supporting Async, LWT, or synchronous operations.

This is an early release. The API is likely to change significantly before the 1.0 release.

This library focuses on correctness and safety, with features like:

  • It is nearly impossible to try to execute a prepared statement that hasn't been prepared.

  • Trying to run multiple queries at the same time will work properly (although there's no performance benefit, since we currently don't send queries in parallel).

  • Lots of automated tests.

  • Pgx.Value for parameters and returned data, encouraging people to use the built-in converters instead of trying to handle everything as a string.

  • Async and LWT support are built in, no need to write your own IO module.

We also provide a relatively high-level interface, like Pgx_async.execute_pipe, which prepares a statement, executes it with the given parameters, returns an Async.Pipe.Reader.t (so you can stream results), and unprepares the statement when the query is finished.

Significant portions of the code come from PG'Ocaml.


opam pin add pgx


See pgx_async/bin/

Dependencies (4)

  1. lwt
  2. ppx_jane
  3. pgx = version
  4. ocaml >= "4.04.2"

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