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File Diff using the Patience Diff algorithm


Dune Dependency





git version

  • Added a unit argument to Patience_diff.S.get_hunks and Patience_diff.S.get_matching_blocks, to ensure that the optional argument can be erased.

  • Extract a Js_of_ocaml-compatible library called Patdiff_kernel. Patdiff_lib is renamed to simply Patdiff.

  • Fixed detection heuristic for binary files to function correctly given UTF-8 input.


  • Switch from Core_extended.Std.Deprecated_command to Core.Command.


  • patdiff -location-style omake should print the line number of the first difference in each hunk, skipping context lines.

  • Switched to PPX.

  • Added binding in patdiff to use the newly minted colors of Ansi_terminal. This will be used notably by patdiff4 to produce better ddiff.

    Also, have the module Color and Style implement and export Comparable.S. This is useful for example to dedup styles from a list of styles without relying on the polymorphic equality.

  • Make it so that if you pass -warn-if-no-trailing-newline-in-both false then you get the warning only when one file has a trailing newline and the other file does not.

    If you pass -warn-if-no-trailing-newline-in-both true or omit this flag, then you get the current behavior of warning for each file independently.

  • Patdiff's unified-tests currently render colors codes in angle brackets. Change them to square brackets. Square brackets are word boundaries, so we'll get more legible diffs when tests fail.

  • Simple code change in patdiff to prepare more changes in patdiff4. This change is a pure refactoring and has zero runtime change. Just moving some functions around.

  • is a very long module. start extracting module from it. start with format. in the process, expose in a private fashion the record Rule.t.

  • Continue on splitting the file into smaller pieces. In this version, we extract each output mode into its own file.

  • Kill the generation of html diffs in patdiff. There are good third party tools that can convert efficiently ansi texts to html directly. We plan on simplifying a bit the patdiff source code to increase its maintainability, and dropping the requirement of producing html output seems a step in the right direction.

    Some pointers:


Minor update: doc.


  • The call to Pcre.full_split in rely on a bug of pcre-ocaml <= 7.1.2.

    To get the same behavior with pcre-ocaml >= 7.1.3 we need to pass ~max:(-1).

    See this bug for more details:


  • add a ?file_names argument to Compare_core.diff_strings


  • Added Patdiff_core.iter_ansi.

      (** Iter along the lines of the diff and the breaks between hunks. Offers more flexibility
          regarding what the caller wants to do with the lines *)
      val iter_ansi
        :  f_hunk_break:((int*int) -> (int*int) -> unit)
        -> f_line:(string -> unit)
        -> string Patience_diff.Hunk.t list
        -> unit


  • Removed latex output.


  • Bump version number


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