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Library owl-ode

Owl_ode is a lightweight package for numerically integrating ordinary differential equations written in the for of an initial value problem

$$\frac{dy}{dt} = f(y,t)$$

$$y(t_0) = y_0$$

Here t is a one-dimensional independent variable (time), \(y(t)\) is an n-dimensional vector-valued function (state), and the n-dimensional vector-valued function \(f(y, t)\) determines the differential equations.

The goal is to find \(y(t)\) approximately satisfying the differential equations, given an initial value \(y(t_0)=y_0\).

Built on top of Owl’s numerical library, Owl_ode was designed with extensibility and ease of use in mind and includes a number of classic ode solvers (e.g. Euler and Runge-Kutta, in both adaptive and fixed-step variants) and symplectic solvers (e.g. Leapfrog), with more to come.

This library provides a collection of solvers for the initial value problem for ordinary differential equation systems.

A tutorial is available at the Tutorial page.

The entry point of this library is the module: Owl_ode.Ode.

This library builds on top of the Owl_ode_base library, which provides the generic, functorised, underlying implementation.

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