OCaml wrapper to SVM R packages e1071 and svmpath
Module type
Class type
Library orsvm_e1071
Module Orsvm_e1071 . Svmpath
type filename = string
val train : ?debug:bool -> filename -> filename -> Result.t

train data_fn labels_fn will train a binary SVM classifier with the linear (dot product) kernel and at the same time find out the lambda values to test later on in order to find the best one (lambda = 1/C). data_fn is a dense numerical matrix dumped in a tab-separated text file without any format header. Rows are observations, columns are features. labels_fn is a vector of tab-separated "1" or "-1" integer labels in a text file, without any format header. Column i in labels_fn is the corresponding label of line i in data_fn.

val read_lambdas : ?debug:bool -> Result.t -> float list

read_lambdas train_result will extract all lambda values that need to be tested (on a test set) in order to find the best one. If this list is empty then training was not successful.

val predict : ?debug:bool -> lambda:float -> Result.t -> filename -> Result.t

predict ~lambda:1.0 train_result to_predict_data_fn will run the previously trained SVM model on the new data stored in to_predict_data_fn. to_predict_data_fn must follow the same format than data_fn used while training. On success, a filename is returned. This text file contains the predicted decision values, one per line of to_predict_data_fn.

val read_predictions : ?debug:bool -> Result.t -> float list

read_predictions result will decode predicted decision values in result, or crash if the previous call to predict was not successful. Upon success and if not debug, the file containing the predicted decision values is removed.