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orsetto 1.1.2


This package provides the following libraries (via ocamlobjinfo):


  • Cf_relations Utility relations.
  • Cf_journal Diagnostic event journaling (basis).
  • Cf_tai64 Computations with the Temps Atomique International (TAI) timescale.
  • Cf_tai64n Computations with the Temps Atomique International (TAI) timescale.
  • Cf_leap_second Handling the leap second archive
  • Cf_gregorian Civil dates in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.
  • Cf_clockface Civil time in the 24-hour digital clock face notation.
  • Cf_monad_core Core functions for monad operations.
  • Cf_seq Functional progressive sequences
  • Cf_seqmonad Monad functions for functional progressive sequences.
  • Cf_slice Slices of basic vector types, i.e. arrays, byte sequences and string.
  • Cf_slice_big Slices of basic vector types, i.e. arrays, byte sequences and string.
  • Cf_monad Monad operations.
  • Cf_type Extensible runtime type indicators and equality constraints.
  • Cf_deque Functional deque.
  • Cf_index_node Index codes for tree structures.
  • Cf_rbtree Functional red-black binary trees.
  • Cf_sbheap Functional skew-binomial heaps.
  • Cf_bsearch Binary search algorithm and data structures.
  • Cf_bsearch_data Data structures founded on sorted vectors.
  • Cf_disjoint_interval Data structures founded on vectors of sorted disjoint intervals.
  • Cf_data_render Rendering data according to an abstract model.
  • Cf_decode Simple octet-stream decoders.
  • Cf_encode Simple octet-stream encoders.
  • Cf_endian_core Utility functions for safe operations with byte-order sensitive data.
  • Cf_endian_big Utility functions for big-endian byte order.
  • Cf_endian_little Utility functions for little-endian byte order.
  • Cf_endian Utility functions for byte-order sensitive data.
  • Cf_cmonad The continuation monad and its operators.
  • Cf_scmonad The state-continuation monad and its operators.
  • Cf_smonad The state monad and its operators.
  • Cf_radix_n Support logic for arbitrary Radix-N transcodings.
  • Cf_base16 Radix-16 transcoding.
  • Cf_base32 Radix-32 transcoding.
  • Cf_base64 Radix-64 transcoding.
  • Cf_emit Functional emitter/formatter combinators
  • Cf_scan Functional LL(x) parsing with monadic combinators.
  • Cf_data_ingest Ingesting data according to an abstract model.
  • Cf_annot Position annotation systems.
  • Cf_chain_scan Parsers for sequences of delimited elements.
  • Cf_number_scan Parser combinators for numeric types.
  • Cf_dfa Functional composition of lazy deterministic finite automata.
  • Cf_regx Regular expression parsing, search and matching.
  • Cf_lex_scan Functional lexical analyzers.
  • Cf_stdtime Conversions between Standard Time, UTC and TAI.
  • Cf_uri General syntax of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
  • Cf_record_scan Parser combinators for record types.





  • Cbor_type Runtime type indications for CBOR encoded values.
  • Cbor_flyweight Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) flyweight implementation.
  • Cbor_event Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) events.
  • Cbor_encode Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) event and value encoders.
  • Cbor_decode Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) event decoder and parsers.
  • Cbor_notation Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) diagnostic notation.




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