opam-solver 2.1.2


This package provides the following libraries (via dune):



  • OpamActionGraph Handles graphs of actions (package changes), based on ocamlgraph
  • OpamBuiltin0install
  • OpamBuiltinMccs
  • OpamBuiltinZ3
  • OpamCudf Solver interaction through Cudf, conversion of solver answer to an opam solution
  • OpamCudfSolver Various implementations of the low-level CUDF resolution, most of them relying on external solvers (aspcud, etc.). Used for calling-back below Dose.
  • OpamCudfSolverSig
  • OpamSolver Entry point to the solver, conversion of opam package universes to Cudf, dependencies computation. Front-end to Dose.
  • OpamSolverConfig Configuration options for the solver lib (record, global reference, setter, initialisation)

Dependencies: opam-format, cudf, dose3.algo, mccs