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Query the opam package build status


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The opam-ci tool provides an interface to the opam 2.0 continuous integration cluster, which regularly rebuilds the package repository across a variety of OCaml compiler versions, operating system distributions and CPU architectures. These builds are done regularly in remote infrastructure and the results are pushed to a metadata repository where they are fetched by this command to give you a summary of the status of your own packages.

The opam ci status command shows a dashboard of the build results across this matrix. Packages can be filtered by maintainer substrings or tag names in the opam package description, so you see only those relevant to you.

The opam ci logs command will show you the build errors so you can fix them. It also generates a Dockerfile of the precise build to reproduce the environment locally for you.

To get started, try these commands with the maintainer argument replaced with your own information or tags:

# show all the failing MirageOS packages
opam ci status -m org:mirage | less -R

# show all the packages maintained by
opam ci status -m --filter=all | less -R

# show all the packages failing on the latest RC of the OCaml compiler
opam ci status --filter=variants:rc | less -R

# display all failure logs for the mirage-xen package
opam ci logs mirage-xen

See the --help pages for the subcommands below for more detailed information.



Published: 13 Jun 2018


OCaml Build Infrastructure

This repository contains the scripts, libraries and command-line tools to access the opam2 bulk build infrastructure that checks on the health of the opam package manager.

The main services and repositories associates with this infrastructure are:

Getting Started

The main tool you will want to try out is opam-ci, which provides CLI access to build results. You can get this by:

opam pin add -n obi
opam pin add opam-ci

and then try it out via:

opam-ci --help
opam-ci status --help
opam-ci logs --help

Further Information

While we are assembling the documentation, please contact @avsm for more information.

Dependencies (9)

  1. textwrap
  2. rresult < "0.7.0"
  3. logs
  4. fmt
  5. cmdliner
  6. bos
  7. obi
  8. jbuilder >= "1.0+beta17"
  9. ocaml >= "4.05.0"

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