package opam-0install

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module C : S.CONTEXT


include S.SOLVER with type t = C.t
type t = C.t
type selections
type diagnostics

solve t package_names finds a compatible set of package versions that includes all packages in package_names and their required dependencies.

val packages_of_result : selections -> OpamPackage.t list
val diagnostics : ?verbose:bool -> diagnostics -> string

diagnostics d is a message explaining why d failed, generated by performing another solve which doesn't abort on failure.

This defines what the solver sees (hiding the raw XML, etc).

module Solver : sig ... end
module Diagnostics : sig ... end
val version : Input.impl -> OpamPackage.t option
val package_name : Input.Role.t -> OpamPackage.Name.t option
val formula : Input.restriction -> [ `Ensure | `Prevent ] * OpamFormula.version_formula
val diagnostics_rolemap : diagnostics -> Diagnostics.t

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