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Opam solver using 0install backend using the CUDF interface


Dune Dependency





v0.4.3 (28/04/2022)

  • Add ?opam_version to Dir_context.std_env (@emillon #36). It defaults to the version of opam libraries, but in some cases (e.g. ocaml-ci) it is useful to inject a value that comes from an external opam process.

  • Sort Reject after RealImpl (@emillon #33). This improves error messages by displaying Rejects first.

  • Expose diagnostics rolemap in Solver (@NathanReb #31). Allows library users to provide extra help on error.

  • Cmdliner 1.1.0 compatibility (@dra27 #40)

  • Fix compiler warnings from new fmt (@talex5 #32).

v0.4.2 (16/06/2021)

  • opam-0install: Upgrade to opam 2.1.0~rc (@kit-ty-kate #29)

  • Upgrade to (lang dune 2.7) (@kit-ty-kate #29)

v0.4.1 (22/04/2021)

  • opam-0install-cudf: Remove unused (cmdliner) and unnecessary (fmt) dependencies for easier integration with opam. (@kit-ty-kate #28)

  • opam-0install: Be explicit that Ok values are not passed to Term.exit (@talex5 #24)

v0.4 (09/10/2020)

  • opam-0install-cudf: Fix conflict detection (@kit-ty-kate #20)

v0.3 (17/09/2020)

  • opam-0install-cudf: Allow to tag packages as recommended when giving them to the solver (@kit-ty-kate #16) Recommanded packages might or might not be chosen by the solver depending on whether the most up-to-date Essential packages available are compatible with them.

  • Add an option to get the least up-to-date version of each packages (@kit-ty-kate #18) Option available in both opam-0install and opam-0install-cudf libraries as well as a new --prefer-oldest option to the opam-0install binary.

  • opam-0install-cudf: Remove the unnecessary dependency towards the opam library (@kit-ty-kate #15)

  • Documentation: Add a link to API docs in the README (@talex5 #14 #17)

v0.2 (17/06/2020)

  • Add a new opam-0install-cudf package (@kit-ty-kate #11). This uses opam's CUDF API, allowing the solver to be used directly from within opam.

  • Dir_context.std_env now has some optional arguments, and also responds for opam-version (@talex5 #12). You will need to add an extra () argument to it to upgrade.

  • Evaluate a package's available expression in Dir_context (@talex5 #12). This isn't needed for Switch_context because the switch does it for us, but Dir_context could return packages with available: false.

  • Simplify the CONTEXT API (@talex5 #12). candidates now returns either Ok opam or Error pkg for each package. This is clearer than using an option type and avoids the need for a separate load function. It also makes it possible to filter packages based on the content of the opam file without having to load it twice. We also no longer bother loading the opam file for rejects (all we need is the name).

v0.1 (26/05/2020)

Initial release.


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