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Polynomials over BLS12-381 finite field - Temporary vendored version of Octez


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Development Changelog

**NB:** The changelog for releases can be found at:

This file lists the changes added to each version of octez-node,
octez-client, and the other Octez executables. The changes to the economic
protocol are documented in the ``docs/protocols/`` directory; in
particular in ``docs/protocols/alpha.rst``.

When you make a commit on master, you can add an item in one of the
following subsections (node, client, …) to document your commit or the
set of related commits. This will ensure that this change is not
forgotten in the final changelog, which can be found in ``docs/CHANGES.rst``.
By having your commits update this file you also make it easy to find the
commits which are related to your changes using ``git log -p -- CHANGES.rst``.
Relevant items are moved to ``docs/CHANGES.rst`` after each release.

Only describe changes which affect users (bug fixes and new features),
or which will affect users in the future (deprecated features),
not refactorings or tests. Changes to the documentation do not need to
be documented here either.



- **Breaking Changes**: Improved a few lib_shell logs in default level by
  shortening the display to completion time only instead of the full status of
  the operation.

- Added an option ``daily-logs`` to file-descriptor sinks, enabling
  log rotation based on a daily frequency.

- Fixed a bug while reconstructing the storage after a snapshot import
  that would result in wrong context hash mapping for some blocks.

- Added an option ``create-dirs`` to file-descriptor sinks to allow
  the node to create the log directory and its parents if they don't exist.

- Added a default node configuration that enables disk logs as a
  file-descriptor-sink in the data directory of the node with a 7 days rotation.

- **Breaking Change**: Removed section in stdout logs lines

- Removed the ``indexing-strategy`` option from the ``TEZOS_CONTEXT``
  environment variable to prevent the usage of the ``always``
  indexing strategy. For now, only the ``minimal`` indexing strategy
  is allowed.

- **Breaking Change** Removed the ``--network limanet``
  built-in network aliases.

- Fixed a issue that may trigger unknown keys errors while reading the
  context on a read-only instance.

- Add query parameter ``protocol`` to RPC ``/monitor/heads/<chain_id>`` in
  order to monitor new heads of the current protocol (or multiple ones) only.

- **Breaking Change** Reworked some node logs. While bootstrapping,
  the node will log one message every 50 validated block to indicate
  the current head's level and how old it is giving an indication on
  how long it will take to be synchronized. Also, gracefully indicates
  peer disconnection instead of spurious "worker crashed" messages.

- Fixed an issue where a node lagging behind would end up freezing and
  never be able to catch up.

- Fixed a bug where the node could freeze when an old block was
  requested during a store merge. (MR :gl:`!8952`)`

- Improved performances of RPC responses on request for older blocks by
  caching the archived metadata accesses. (MR :gl:`!8976`)


- **Breaking Changes**: an alias must be provided when originating a
  smart rollup. That alias can be used in other smart rollup commands
  instead of the address. This is similar to what is done for smart

  Smart rollup origination command::
    ./octez-client originate smart rollup <alias> from <source contract> of kind <smart rollup kind> of type <michelson type> with kernel <kernel>

  Other example command::
    ./octez-client recover bond of <implicit contrat> for smart rollup <alias or address> from <source contract>

- Similarly to smart contract, the client now has functions to manage the set of known smart rollups::

    ./octez-client remember smart rollup <alias> <smart rollup address>

    ./octez-client forget smart rollup <alias>

    ./octez-client forget all smart rollups

    ./octez-client show known smart rollup <alias>

    ./octez-client list smart rollups

- Add an ``operation_v2`` and ``operation_v2.unsigned`` registered encoding that
  supports ``attestation`` kind instead of ``endorsement``. (MR :gl:`!8563`)


- Consensus operations that do not use the minimal slot of the delegate are
  not counted for the (pre)quorums. (MR :gl:`!8175`)

- Consensus operations with identical consensus-related contents but different
  ``branch`` fields are counted only once in the (pre)quorums. (MR :gl:`!8175`)

- Improved efficiency to solve the anti spam proof of work challenge.

- Made the baker capable of running in a RPC-only mode through a newly
  introduced command: ``octez-baker-<protocol> run remotely
  [delegates] [options]``. This mode does not require the octez node's
  storage to be directly accessible by the baker and will reduce
  memory consumption. However, this mode is less performant and may
  result in noticable slower baking times. (MR :gl:`!8607`)

- Added a default configuration for that enables disk logs as a
  file-descriptor-sink in the base directory with a 7 days rotation.


- Fixed a bug that made the accuser start without waiting for its
  corresponding protocol.

- The accuser now denounces double consensus operations that have the same
  level, round, and delegate, but different slots. (MR :gl:`!8084`)


- Reordered the display of ``octez-client list connected ledgers``
  command. It is now ``Ed25519``, ``Secp256k1``, ``Secp256r1`` and

Proxy Server

Protocol Compiler And Environment


Docker Images

Smart Rollup node

- Fixed inverted logic for playing a timeout move in a refutation game (MR

- Stopped the node when the operator deposit is slashed (MR :gl:`!7579`).

- Improved computations of refutation games’ dissections (MRs :gl:`!6948`,
  :gl:`!7751`, :gl:`!8059`, :gl:`!8382`).

- Improved WASM runtime performances (MR :gl:`!8252`).

- Made the Fast Execution aware of the newly introduced WASM PVM versionning
  (MR :gl:`!8079`).

- Fixed UX issues related to the rollup node configuration (MRs :gl:`!8148`,
  :gl:`!8254`, :gl:`!8156`).

- Quality of life improvements in the Layer 1 injector (MRs :gl:`!7579`, :gl:`!7673`, :gl:`!7675`, :gl:`!7685`, :gl:`!7681`, :gl:`!7846`, :gl:`!8106`).

- Fixed logs for kernel debug messages (MR :gl:`!7773`).

Smart Rollup client

- Fixed a JSON decoding error for the command ``get proof for message ...`` (MR

Smart Rollup WASM Debugger

- Let the user select the initial version of the WASM PVM (MR :gl:`!8078`).

- Added commands to decode the contents of the memory and the durable storage
  (MRs :gl:`!7464`, :gl:`!7709`, :gl:`!8303`).

- Added the ``bench`` command (MR :gl:`!7551`).

- Added commands to inspect the structure of the durable storage (MRs
  :gl:`!7707`, :gl:`!8304`).

- Automatically ``load inputs`` when ``step inbox`` is called. (MR :gl:`!8444`)

- Added a command ``show function symbols`` to inspect the custom section
  ``name`` of unstripped kernels (MR :gl:`!8522`)

- Added a command ``profile`` that runs a full ``kernel_run`` and produces a
  flamegraph of the execution (MR :gl:`!8510`).


- Removed binaries and mempool RPCs of Lima.

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