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The OCaml interactive editor for education


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A simple cross-platform OCaml code editor built for top-level evaluation.


  • Full functionality on Windows

  • Code edition

  • Syntax coloration and indentation

  • Toplevel integration

  • Error localisation

Planned features

  • Compilation

  • Code completion

  • Easy documentation access

  • Multi-file projects


The preferred way is opam install ocaml-top (or opam pin add ocaml-top . from the source directory). The following explains how to compile directly, and on Windows.

Builds using jbuilder. You should just need to run make or jbuilder build from the root of the project. You will need ocp-indent and ocp-index installed too.

To build on Windows, you will need cygwin with mingw32, and the mingw ocaml distribution (not cygwin !). See utils/ which may help you setup the build environment (contains the URLs of required installers and packages, and contains code to install the correct gtk distribution with sourceview and prerequisite, fix pkgconfig, and compile lablgtk with gtksourceview support). You will also need ocp-indent and (for completion/doc) ocp-index, which should be as simple as git clone, make -f Makefile.simple install.


ocaml-top is released under GPLv3. See the file LICENSE for more information.

It also includes icons from the KDE oxygen set, available under LGPLv3, and three modified files from GtkSourceView, available under LGPLv2.1 or later (see the headers in data/ for more detail).

The convenient utils/mkwinapp used in the windows build process is Copyright (c) 2002-2004 by Harry Chomsky, and released under LGPL v2 or later.