package ocaml-migrate-parsetree-ocamlbuild

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Ocamlbuild plugin for ocaml-migrate-parsetree


Dune Dependency





v1.2.0 2018-12-19 London

  • Remove unused ocamlfind dependency in the opam file (#53, @diml)

  • Add --print-transformations to list registered transformations (#55, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix Windows compatibility by setting the output to binary mode when writing a binary ast (#57, #59, @bryphe and @dra27)

  • Switch to dune and opam 2.0 (#58, #60, @diml)

v1.1.0 2018-09-05 London

  • Allow ppx rewriters to specify when they should be applied

v1.0.11 2018-06-06 London

  • Fix handling of --impl/--intf. Before the driver would crash if the file extension was neither .ml nor .mli

v1.0.10 2018-04-19 London

  • Add support for OCaml 4.07

v1.0.9 2018-03-20 New York

  • Fix an issue where cookies set from the command line sometimes disappeared

v1.0.8 2018-03-15 London

  • Add a --null argument to suppress the output. This is used to write linters

  • Use the new generic ppx driver support of jbuilder

v1.0.7 2017-10-31 Paris

Contributed by @hhugo:

  • update Magic Number for 4.06

  • fix some compilation warnings

v1.0.6 2017-10-11 Paris

Fix generation of Migrate_parsetree module.

v1.0.5 2017-10-02 Paris

Resynchronize with trunk. Add a migrating version of Parse module.

v1.0.4 2017-08-22 Paris

Resynchronize with trunk. Contributed by Xavier Clerc, @xclerc.

v1.0.3 2017-08-11 Paris

Add a shallow identity mapper (suggested by Anton Bachin, @aantron).

v1.0.2 2017-07-28 Paris

Synchronize with 4.06 AST with trunk. Accept --cookie arguments also when run in --as-ppx mode.

v1.0.1 2017-06-06 Paris

Add support for trunk version (as of today...).

v1.0 2017-04-17 Paris

Driver: add --as-pp and --embed-errors flags.

--embed-errors causes the driver to embed exceptions raised by
rewriters as extension points in the Ast

--as-pp is a shorthand for: --dump-ast --embed-errors

Expose more primitives for embedding the driver.

Fix bug where reset_args functions where not being called. Fix "OCaml OCaml" in error messages (contributed by Adrien Guatto).

v0.7 2017-03-21 Mâcon

Fix findlib predicates:

  • replace omp_driver by ppx_driver

  • replace -custom_ppx by -custom_ppx,-ppx_driver

v0.6 2017-03-21 Mâcon

Add documentation, examples, etc.

v0.5 2017-03-11 Mâcon

Specify ocamlfind dependency in opam file (@yunxing).

v0.4 2017-03-10 Mâcon

API cleanup and extension. Added driver. Switch to jbuilder.

v0.3 2017-02-16 Paris

Use -no-alias-deps to prevent linking failure of Compiler_libs (referencing Parsetree and Asttypes which have no implementation).

v0.2 2017-02-07 London

Install CMXS too (contributed @vbmithr).

v0.1 2017-02-02 London

First release.


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