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## What is ocaml-lua

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OCaml-lua provides bindings to the Lua programming language. Lua is a scripting
language particularly useful when you need to embed a language in your

This project provides the bindings required to embed Lua.

[More information about Lua](

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## Introduction

Lua is a powerful, light-weight programming language designed for extending
applications. It provides a good general purpose programming language to replace
DSL that don't really need to be specific.

This library provides bindings to Lua API which allows the application to
exchange data with Lua programs and also to extend Lua with OCaml functions.

This is the OCaml complete binding of the Lua Application Program Interface as
described in the official documentation.

In this moment only the version 5.1.x is supported.

## Intended audience

This library is intended to be useful to OCaml developers needing a dynamic
language to be included in their projects, for configuration or customization
purposes. Instead of reinventing yet another DSL, one should consider using an
existing programming language and Lua is in my opinion the perfect companion of
a statically typed language like OCaml.

In a few lines of code you can create a Lua interpreter and run a Lua program
inside it. You can provide the Lua state with library functions written in OCaml
and available to the Lua program.

More informations about Lua can be found on the
[documentation page](

My advice is to read the book ["Programming in Lua"](,
written by the author of the language, Roberto Ierusalimschy.

## Where to find everything

The homepage of the project is hosted on

The complete library reference (ocamldoc generated) is

The official GIT repository is

Bug reports and feature requests are on my page on

See the file COPYING.txt for copying conditions. See the file AUTHORS.txt for

## Building and installing the library

### Installing with OPAM

Installing the library with OPAM should be as sismple as:
`opam install ocaml-lua`

### Compiling and installing from source

To build the library you need dune and odoc (for documentation).

To compile:

1. cd src/lua_c ; tar xf lua-5.1.5.tar.gz
2. cd ; patch -p1 -i ../lua.patch
3. cd .. ; mv lua-5.1.5 lua515
4. cd ../.. ; dune build @install
5. dune build @doc

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