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An `.ocamlinit` helper to `#require` packages in an OCaml toplevels


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nosetup - An .ocamlinit helper to #require packages in an OCaml toplevels

nosetup helps you to load the dependencies of your project into your toplevel of choice (OCaml Toplevel as well as UTOP) so you don't have to #require your dependencies yourself. It does so by finding your project metadata (even if you are in a subdirectory, similar to git), parsing it and then using findlib to load it into your toplevel session.

Currently it supports Merlin's .merlin files, though there is no limitation of which files could be supported as long as the findlib package names can be parsed.


You can call it no-setup or nose-tup. In the latter case you can use (👃,👃) as logo.


Be sure to have installed:

  • ocamlbuild (for building)

  • topkg (also for building)

  • findlib

  • angstrom

  • containers

The package uses topkg to run the build infrastructure, therefore you can build it with a short incantation:

ocaml pkg/ -build


You need to add a bit to your .ocamlinit:

#require "nosetup";;

Now every utop you'll start will have all the findlib packages from your .merlin file preloaded. No need to do anything more.


As you can see in the, it is Apache 2.0 licensed.