package nocrypto

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type key
val of_secret : Cstruct.t -> key
val key_sizes : int array
val block_size : int
val stream : key:key -> ctr:Cstruct.t -> ?off:int -> int -> Cstruct.t

stream ~key ~ctr ~off n is the first n bytes obtained by encrypting and concatenating blocks c(0), c(1), ..., where c(0) is ctr, and c(n + 1) is c(n) + 1 interpreted in big-endian.

If off is greater than 0 then the result is the last n bytes of an off + n bytes long stream. Thus, stream ~key ~ctr ~off:0 n || stream ~key ~ctr ~off:n n == stream ~key ~ctr ~off:0 (n*2).

ctr has to be block-sized, and off and n need to be non-negative.

val encrypt : key:key -> ctr:Cstruct.t -> ?off:int -> Cstruct.t -> Cstruct.t

encrypt ~key ~ctr ~off msg is (stream ~key ~ctr ~off (len msg)) xor msg.

val decrypt : key:key -> ctr:Cstruct.t -> ?off:int -> Cstruct.t -> Cstruct.t