package netchannel

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val read_frontend_mac : id -> Macaddr.t Lwt.t
val read_backend_mac : id -> Macaddr.t Lwt.t
val read_mtu : id -> int Lwt.t
val read_frontend_configuration : id -> frontend_configuration Lwt.t

Waits for the frontend configuration to become available and returns it.

val write_frontend_configuration : id -> frontend_configuration -> unit Lwt.t
val enumerate : unit -> string list Lwt.t

List the names of available devices.

val connect : id -> unit Lwt.t
val disconnect_frontend : id -> unit Lwt.t

Set the frontend state to Closed.

val disconnect_backend : id -> unit Lwt.t

Delete the backend directory.

val wait_until_backend_connected : backend_configuration -> unit Lwt.t
val read_backend : id -> backend_configuration Lwt.t
val init_backend : id -> Features.t -> backend_configuration Lwt.t

Initialise the configuration for a new backend.

val description : string

Human-readable description suitable for help text or a manpage

val wait_for_frontend_closing : id -> unit Lwt.t

wait_for_frontend_closing id is a thread that returns when id's frontend moves to the closing state.

val wait_for_backend_closing : id -> unit Lwt.t

wait_for_backend_closing id is a thread that returns when id's backend moves to the closing state.