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Fast MessagePack ( library


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v1.7 2021-06-04 Paris

  • bugfix: fix buffer overflows by not using _unsafe ocplib-endian functions (@c-cube)

  • read_all: bugfix (pos vs n_read) (@c-cube)

  • test: fix for 32bit archs

v1.6 2021-03-20 Paris

  • bugfix: bug when serializing big Int values

  • bugfix: 32 bits architectures now also try to pack parsed ints into int type

  • ocamlformat

v1.5 2020-01-10 Paris

  • use Buffer's binary encodings of integers (>= 4.08.0)

  • bugfix: 32 bits architecture now working as well

  • bugfix: fix computation of size for the Bytes type

v1.4 2018-04-27 Paris

  • compile in dev mode (removed dead code and unused variables)

  • add optional Msgpck_repr module compatible with ocplib-json-typed

  • tests: switch to alcotest

  • add compare and equal functions

  • bugfix: uint64 were previously written as int64

v1.3 2017-05-17 Paris

  • Add read_all function.

  • Better error messages on unpack.

  • Add format based pretty-printers.

  • BUILD: switch to jbuilder.

v1.2 2017-03-06 Paris

  • BUGFIX: fix reading signed integers.

v1.1 2017-02-21 Paris

  • Add documentation.

  • Drop dependency to ppx (and sexplib).

  • Function to_string' now uses size' and allocate a string of the exact required length.

  • Add function `size'.

v1.0 2016-08-31 Paris

First release.


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