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v0.6.0 2023-03-01 Paris (France)

  • Be able to set field parsers when we parse an entire email (@dinosaure, #89)

  • Be able to wrap a multipart email into a part (@dinosaure, #90)

  • Don't use RNG to produce the example to be compatible with OCaml 5 (@dinosaure, #93)

  • Upgrade to cmdliner.1.1.0 (@hannesm, #94)

  • Use a smaller email to test isomorphism (@dinosaure, 931c6ad)

  • Lint dependencies (@dinosaure, #95)

  • Delete rresult dependency (@dinosaure, @hannesm, #96)

  • Delete fmt dependency (@dinosaure, #97)

v0.5.0 2021-10-18 Paris (France)

  • Replace deprecated functions of fmt library (@dinosaure, #86)

  • Fix OPAM constraints (@kit-ty-kate, @dinosaure, #85)

  • Clarify the semantic about the underlying quoted-printable encoder (@dinosaure, #84)

  • Be able to pass the seed to generate the boundary (@dinosaure, #83)

  • Let the user to decide if it wants to encode or not the given stream according to the Content-Transfer-Encoding (@dinosaure, #82)

  • Add Content_type.Type.of_string (@dinosaure, #81)

  • Add Header.add_unless_exists (@dinosaure, #81)

  • Add a regression test about #77 (@lyrm, @dinosaure, #78)

  • Fix bug on the Base64 decoder (@clecat, @lyrm, @dinosaure, #78)

  • Don't try to split quoted-printable and add useless spaces to respect isomorphism (@dinosaure, @lyrm, #77)

  • Fix how we escape \b in content-type parameters (@dinosaure, #73)

  • Add Header.{length,to_list,of_list,to_list_with_location} (@dinosaure, #72)

  • Enable fws token in quoted-string values (as a parameter of the content-type) (@lyrm, @dinosaure, #71)

  • Handle correctly an empty part with angstrom (@dinosaure, #68)

  • Generate a corpus of a million emails where we ensure that mrmime assumes a kind of isomorphism, see for more details (@lyrm, @dinosaure, #67)

  • Fix some comparison functions (on IANA values and field-name) (@lyrm, @dinosaure, #66)

  • Simplify the Mail.t type (@lyrm, @dinosaure, #63)

  • Fix pattern-matching failure when decoder is closed (@dinosaure, #62)

  • Keep the order of fields into a header when we replace one (@dinosaure, #61)

  • Ensure stable memory with lwt when we parse contents (@dinosaure, #60)

  • Fix how we parse quoted-printable contents (@dinosaure, #59)

  • Add a space in front of any field's values (@dinosaure, #56)

  • Ensure to emit only lines (@dinosaure, #55)

  • Fix how we parse Content-Transfer-Encoding (@dinosaure, #54)

  • Better pretty-print multiple domains on mailbox (@dinosaure, #53)

  • Unlock the arbitrary limit on the internal buffer to decode the header (@dinosaure, #51)

  • Delete unused phrases field value (@dinosaure, #50)

  • Fix fuzzer (@dinosaure, #49)

v0.4.0 2021-04-27 Paris (France)

  • Return the zone of the date (#41, @dinosaure)

  • Add Content_type.to_string (#43, @dinosaure)

  • Be resilient on date (accept nano-seconds) (#44, @dinosaure)

  • Add a simple example to craft an email with an attachment (#47, @dinosaure)

  • Drop the support of OCaml 4.08.0 (#47, @dinosaure)

  • mrmime.prettym is not a part of the distribution breaking changes We decided to split mrmime and prettym mostly because this part (prettym) is used by some others packages and they should not follow the release cycle of mrmime when they are not about email stuffs. The package is available here:

v0.3.2 2020-11-26 Paris (France)

  • Add Header.message_id (#39, @dinosaure, @hannesm)

  • Update (#40, @dinosaure)

  • Update the way to generate quoted-printable contents According pecu.0.5 (#38, @dinosaure)

v0.3.1 2020-09-24 Paris (France)

  • Fix unstructured values (@dinosaure, #34)

  • Fix Mrmime.Hd decoder about the separation between the header and the body (@dinosaure, #35)

  • ocamlformat.0.15.0 pass (@dinosaure, #36)

  • Use emile.1.0 (@dinosaure)

v0.3.0 2020-05-11 Paris (France)

  • Fix OPAM file, add dune constraint (@kit-ty-kate)

  • Delete dead-code (@seliopou, #29)

  • Move to angstrom.0.14.0 (@dinosaure, #30)

  • Use bigarray-overlap.0.2.0 (@dinosaure, #31)

v0.2.0 2020-03-15 Paris (France)

  • New lightweight version of mrmime

  • Use unstrctrd

  • Add some accessors/converters

v0.1.0 2019-07-26 Сарајево (Боснa и Херцеговина)

  • First release


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