package moonpool

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Pools of threads supported by a pool of domains


Dune Dependency






  • fix Ws_pool: workers would exit before processing all remaining tasks upon shutdown



  • add Bb_queue.transfer -add Bb_queue.to_{iter,gen,seq}

  • add Fifo_pool, a simple pool with a single blocking queue for workloads with coarse granularity tasks that value latency (e.g. a web server)

  • add a work-stealing pool for heavy compute workloads that feature a lot of await/fork-join, with a lot of help from Vesa Karvonen (@polytypic)

  • add Fut.spawn_on_current_runner

  • add Runner.{spawn_on_current_runner, await}

  • add a few more toplevel aliases in Moonpool itself

  • add No_runner: a runner that runs tasks synchronously in the caller

  • on shutdown, pools will finish running all present tasks before closing. New tasks are immediately rejected.

  • use an optional dependency on thread-local-storage to implement work stealing and spawn_on_current_runner


  • use the main domain to spawn threads on it. This means we can really use all cores, not all but one.

  • in Fork_join.both, only one of the two sides schedules a task, the other runs in the current thread. This reduces scheduling overhead.

  • compare to domainslib in benchmarks. With the WS pool we're now slightly ahead in terms of overhead on the recursive fib benchmark.


  • deprecate Pool, now an alias to Fifo_pool


  • add Fut.{reify_error,bind_reify_error}

  • full lifecycle for worker domains, where a domain will shutdown if no thread runs on it, after a short delay.

  • fix: generalize type of create_arg

  • perf: in Bb_queue, only signal condition on push if queue was empty


  • add Fork_join for parallelizing computations. This is only available on OCaml 5.x because it relies on effects.

  • add Fork_join.{for_,map_array,map_list}

  • add Fork_join.all_{list,init}

  • add Pool.with_

  • add a channel module

  • add Runner, change Pool to produce a Runner.t

  • add a Lock module

  • add support for domain-local-await when installed

  • add Fut.await for OCaml >= 5.0

  • fix: Fork_join.both_ignore now has a more general type

  • expose Suspend_ and its internal effect with an unstability alert. This is intended for implementors of Runner only.

  • port from containers, replace previous codegen with it. This will provide better flexibility for supporting multiple versions of OCaml in the future.

  • add Pool.run_wait_block; rename into Pool.run_async

  • fix: in blocking queue, pop works on a non empty closed queue


  • add Fut.for_list

  • add around_task to Pool.create

  • add Pool.shutdown_without_waiting

  • add Pool.num_tasks

  • add Fut.is_done

  • add Blocking_queue.size

  • add Fut.for_array to easily iterate on an array in parallel

  • add Fut.get_or_fail{,_exn}

  • perf: limit number of work queues in pool

  • perf: use multiple queues and non-blocking work-stealing from them, in pool this improves the behavior for many small tasks by reducing contention on each queue

  • fix: fut: actually run all map/bind callbacks in pool if provided


  • fix(fut): fix bug when calling wait_list []

  • fix: join_array on arrays of length=1 had a bound error


initial release