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Library for adding mlpost graphics in lablgtk


Dune Dependency





0.9 (January 19, 2021)

  • fixes floating-point error in extremum computation

  • special points are kept in empty from box

  • migrate to cairo2 and dune

  • added experimental export to pgf

  • added Arrows.mk_classic

  • added Helpers.box_point_line, point_box_line, box_loop, box_label_loop

0.8.2 (March 10, 2017)

  • mlpost does not complain anymore about Metapost errors

  • ocamlopt is called with warning 58 disabled

  • fixed installation with OCaml 4.04

  • new module [Triangle] to draw tree-like, triangular shapes

  • :exclamation: (internal) Misc.call_cmd now does print output of the called program directly, instead of returning it as a string

  • :exclamation: module Generate has been removed

0.8.1 (April 26th 2010)

  • configure: store absolute paths of programs

  • configure: fixed META file

  • doc: documentation for contribs

  • contrib lablgtk: background setting possible and function auto_aspect

0.8.0 (April 13th, 2010)

  • :exclamation: ocaml >= 3.10.1 is required now

  • :exclamation: externalimage work only with png image

  • :exclamation: module Color: the definitions of the following colors have changed: lightblue, green, lightgreen, orange, lightcyan, purple, lightyellow These colors are now compatible to HTML/CSS and X11 definitions

  • :exclamation: Box: Box.tabularl did modify the input boxes, now it leaves them unchanged (reported by Julien Signoles)

  • contrib Mlpost_lablgtk : define a gtk widget to display mlpost figures It also allow to easily create an interface to interact with an mlpost figures

  • contrib Mlpost_dot : Use graphviz (dot) to place picture, box, ... make contrib && make install-contrib mlpost -contrib dot [...]

  • module Real_plot: Plot function from float to float. It can use logarithmic scale.

  • module Color: new function hsv to create a color from hsv colorspace and color_gen to generate different colors using hsv colorspace

  • concrete computations are now available without the Cairo library

  • option -ps with -cairo

  • adding Concrete.baseline

  • Num: new units em, ex

  • Bugfix: "make install" with ocamlfind (reported by Julien Signoles)

  • Bugfix: Concrete does not complain about being unsupported for the following functions: set_verbosity; set_prelude, set_prelude2, set_t1disasm

  • Bugfix: Don't use "tracingchoices"

  • Bugfix #411: correct definition of objects used in Path.subpath

  • metapost errors are printed (this should rarely occur)

  • each call of mpost are done in separate and temporary directories

0.7.4 (October 20th, 2009)

  • Mlpost tool : Fix compilation with ocamlbuild

0.7.3 (October 13th, 2009)

  • Fix installation without ocamlfind and without ocamlbuild

0.7.2 (October 9th, 2009)

  • :exclamation: -classic-display is not an option of mlpost tool anymore (use -v instead)

  • :exclamation: Change in the signature of Cairost.emit_cairo

  • Fix the -compile-name option with ocamlbuild

  • ocamlfind remove/install is used if ocamlfind is present

  • The backend Concrete output informations only with the verbose option

  • Radar: fixed size of bullets

  • Helpers: the functions for boxes have a new optional argument [within] to give a box in which the arguments will be searched

  • Box: new functions [set_{post,pre}_draw]

  • :exclamation: Box: [get_name] now returns a string option

  • Tree.Simple: alignment options for [node]

  • Box: optional argument dash

0.7.1 (July 24th, 2009)

  • Fix for Performance bug when shifting boxes

0.7 (July 23rd, 2009)

  • :exclamation: add Point.draw and Path.draw (alias of Command.draw) which can mask Command.draw in case of an open Point after an open Command

  • :exclamation: Command.draw_arrow becomes Arrow.simple

  • :exclamation: Arrow.draw: ~pos becomes ~anchor, new ~pos is point on path

  • :exclamation: Arrow.draw: now gives the same result by default as Arrow.simple (former Command.draw_arrow)

  • :exclamation: Arrow.draw2 becomes Arrow.point_to_point

  • :exclamation: Mlpost tool: -pdf now the default; use -ps to produce .1 files

  • :exclamation: Mlpost tool: erases all generated intermediate files on success

  • New experimental backend using Cairo; it permits output in PS, PDF, SVG and X11; use it with commandline option -cairo. It is intended to deliver the same results as the old metapost backend. Please send a bug report if it is not the case

  • A module Concrete which permits to compute concrete values of mlpost objects, e.g. the float value corresponding to an object of type Num.t , the concrete point { x : float; y : float } corresponding to a Point.t, and so on

  • A better tree drawing algorithm (module Tree)

  • new function Tree.nodel to add labels to tree edges

  • "Smart" paths to construct a path by giving only a sequence of directions (module Path)

  • Histograms and Radar diagrams (modules Hist and Radar)

  • The type Picture.t now is equal to the type Command.t (no more conversion needed)

  • module Box: each box has a name by default; use Box.sub to retrieve a box with the same name inside another

  • New optional argument sep of Path.strip to strip both ends of a path; used in Tree, Box.cpath, and Helpers

  • New position constructors North, South, Upperleft to improve upon Top, `Bot etc, but the old variants are still there

0.6 (February 4th, 2009)

  • :exclamation: "open Mlpost" is not added to input files any more - users have to add by themselves

  • :exclamation: the type Command.figure becomes Command.t

  • inclusion of external images (png, jpg etc)

  • transformations on boxes

  • Box.{grid,gridl,gridi}: new options hpadding, vpadding, stroke, pen

  • additional options for many functions

  • corrections of some small bugs in box calculations

  • A function in the API to scan a TeX file for the prelude

0.5 (Octobre 20, 2008, first public release)

  • new option -native to use native compilation, useful for complicated pictures


  • new module Pos to place lists (arrays, trees)

  • :exclamation: Num.f function removed

  • new commandline arguments -v, -eps

  • :exclamation: The functions in the Shapes module now build objects of type Shapes.t instead of Path.t

  • :exclamation: In Diag, one can now specify more (and different) types of boxes for nodes

0.2 (July 22nd, 2008)

  • Box: no more use of, replaced by Ocaml code

  • License: LGPL updated to version 2.1

  • Num: t is now an abstract datatype

  • Moved repository to a trunk/branches style

  • Subversion repository updated to schema version 5


  • first release of Mlpost


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