package mirage-crypto-rng

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Module type
Class type

HMAC_DRBG: A NIST-specified RNG based on HMAC construction over the provided hash.



type g

State type for this generator.

val block : int

Internally, this generator's generate always produces k * block bytes.

val create : ?time:(unit -> int64) -> unit -> g

Create a new, unseeded g.

val generate : g:g -> int -> Cstruct.t

generate ~g n produces n uniformly distributed random bytes, updating the state of g.

val reseed : g:g -> Cstruct.t -> unit

reseed ~g bytes directly updates g. Its new state depends both on bytes and the previous state.

A generator is seded after a single application of reseed.

val accumulate : g:g -> Entropy.source -> [ `Acc of Cstruct.t -> unit ]

accumulate ~g is a closure suitable for incrementally feeding small amounts of environmentally sourced entropy into g.

Its operation should be fast enough for repeated calling from e.g. event loops. Systems with several distinct, stable entropy sources should use stable source to distinguish their sources.

val seeded : g:g -> bool

seeded ~g is true iff operations won't throw Unseeded_generator.

val pools : int

pools is the amount of pools if any.


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