package mirage-crypto-ec

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Curve 25519 Diffie-Hellman, also known as X25519.

type secret

Type for private keys.

val secret_of_cs : Cstruct.t -> (secret * Cstruct.t, error) result

secret_of_cs secret decodes the provided buffer as secret. May result in an error if the buffer had an invalid length or was not in bounds.

val gen_key : ?g:Mirage_crypto_rng.g -> unit -> secret * Cstruct.t

gen_key ~g () generates a private and a public key for Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman. The returned key pair MUST only be used for a single key exchange.

The generated private key is checked to be greater than zero and lower than the group order meaning the public key cannot be the point at inifinity.

val key_exchange : secret -> Cstruct.t -> (Cstruct.t, error) result

key_exchange secret received_public_key performs Diffie-Hellman key exchange using your secret and the data received from the other party. Returns the shared secret or an error if the received data is wrongly encoded, doesn't represent a point on the curve or represent the point at infinity.

The shared secret is returned as is i.e. not stripped from leading 0x00 bytes.

The public key encoding is described in SEC 1 from SECG.