package memprof-limits

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Memory limits, allocation limits, and thread cancellation


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v0.2.0 - 06/07/21

  • This should be considered the first official release.

  • Adapt to OCaml 4.12, drop support for 4.11 beta.

  • Fix races and remove experimental warning: it now works under both native and bytecode, and the internal state is protected against asychronous exceptions arising from memprof callbacks (especially memprof-limits' own interrupt). Other asynchronous exceptions (e.g. Sys.Break arising from a signal handler) should still be considered fatal.

  • Add token limits: interrupts that can be triggered at a distance.

  • Switch license to LGPL-3.0-linking-exception.

  • Full documentation generated by odoc.

  • Breaking changes in names and signatures in the API, aiming towards stabilization.

  • Allocation limits: express limit in thousands of words, for better portability. In case of success, the estimated allocation count is returned along with the result.

  • Updated documentation to mention the compatibility with Lwt detached threads.

  • Avoid pitfalls of module type of regarding forward-compatibility.

  • Do not export private modules.

v0.1 10/05/2020

First opam release.

v0.0 06/03/2020

This project is created.


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