An implementation of M-trees
Module type M_tree . T
type 'a t
val create : ?branching_factor:int -> ?eq:( 'a -> 'a -> bool ) -> ( 'a -> 'a -> float ) -> 'a t

Create an M-tree.

  • parameter branching_factor

    The branching factor of the tree (default: 32).

  • parameter eq

    An optional equality function for tree elements. If none is provided, then the distance function will be used.

val iter : 'a t -> 'a Iter.t

Iterate over the contents of the tree.

val insert : 'a t -> 'a -> unit

Insert a new point into the tree.

val range : 'a t -> 'a -> radius:float -> 'a Iter.t

Find all points that are within some radius of a query point.