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type t = src

The type for log sources.

val create : ?doc:string -> string -> src

create ?doc name is a new log source. name is the name of the source; it doesn't need to be unique but it is good practice to prefix the name with the name of your package or library (e.g. ""). doc is a documentation string describing the source, defaults to "undocumented". The initial reporting level of the source is defined by Logs.level.

val name : src -> string

name is src's name.

val doc : src -> string

doc src is src's documentation string.

val level : src -> level option

level src is the report level of src (if any).

val set_level : src -> level option -> unit

set_level src l sets the report level of src to l. Only applications should use this function directly, see usage conventions.

val equal : src -> src -> bool

equal src src' is true iff src and src' are the same source.

val compare : src -> src -> int

compare src src' is a total order on sources.

val pp : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> src -> unit

pp ppf src prints an unspecified representation of src on ppf.

val list : unit -> src list

list () is the current exisiting source list.


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