package lilac

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Get the value of any field in a YAML file as a string


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lilac is a simple library for getting the value of any field in a YAML file as a string.


Take this example yaml:

    url: ""
    user: ""
    url: ""
    user: ""

To get the value "", you'd specify the path lilac-params.source.user.

Here's an example of how you might do that in code with the yaml used in this project's test/res directory:

let yaml = yaml_from_fpath "test/res/config.yaml" in
  yaml_value_str ~path:"lilac-params.source.user" yaml
  |> Option.value ~default:"Oops! It wasn't there."


The lilacbin app in this repo's bin/ is really just used for debugging, so it's dependencies are tagged as test only requirements in the package manifest. It does have some niceties like a --help flag, but if there's something you're interested in it doing beyond debugging, let me know! Raising an issue is my preferred channel for that kinda thing.


I'll start with the basics for macOS because putting this project together required I learn them too. I hope they'll serve as at least some direction for other operating systems but if you notice something important I've missed, please create an issue :heart:

First you'll need opam and ocaml.

For macOS:

  • brew install opam

  • brew install ocaml

For anything else, the opam installation docs live here, and the ocaml intallation docs live here.

Once OCaml and opam are installed, run opam init from the terminal to get the environment sorted. I chose to let it modify my terminal's rc file (.zshrc) so I wouldn't have to think about it again, but that's up to you :)


If you just want to install lilac as a library and use it in your application, you can run opam install lilac. Otherwise, see the Developing section below.


Dev dependencies

For local development, I'll recommend not installing with opam beforehand. Once you've cloned the repo and have navigated into its directory, you'll want to run these commands, in this order:

  • opam pin .

  • opam install . --deps-only --with-test



Running the tests

make test

Checking code coverage

make coverage

Running lilac bin for stdout debugging / validation

make run args='-i <path to yaml file>'

For example make run args='-i test/res/config.yaml'