Proof assistant for the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting
Library lambdapi.handle
Module Handle . Compile
val gen_obj : bool ref

gen_obj indicates whether we should generate object files when compiling source files. The default behaviour is not to generate them.

val recompile : bool ref

recompile indicates whether we should recompile files who have an object file that is already up to date. Note that this flag only applies to files that are given on the command line explicitly, not their dependencies.

val compile : bool -> Common.Path.t -> Core.Sign.t

compile force mp compiles module path mp using compile_with, forcing compilation of up-to-date files if force is true.

val compile_file : string -> Core.Sign.t

compile_file fname looks for a package configuration file for fname and compiles fname. It is the main compiling function. It is called from the main program exclusively.

module PureUpToSign : sig ... end

The functions provided in this module perform the same computations as the ones defined earlier, but restore the console state and the library mappings when they have finished. An optional library mapping or console state can be passed as argument to change the settings.