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GitLab cli


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Gitlab bindings for OCaml

Native OCaml bindings to Gitlab REST API v4.

The API coverage is incomplete (currently we support many of the Commit, Project, User and Event APIs) but if you find something missing please create an Issue or PR.


  • Plain opam / ocaml for building.


Gitlab can be hosted in multiple places and configurations. By default the library uses the public site with it's API endpoint of This can be changed with:

GITLAB_URL # to configure the GitLab instance to connect to.

or programatically by overriding the Env module.


Two environment variables will cause more debugging to be output:

GITLAB_DEBUG=1   # API calls output to stderr
COHTTP_DEBUG=1   # even more HTTP-level debugging

If using the bindings from the toplevel, you can also set Gitlab.log_active to true to get the same effect as setting the GITLAB_DEBUG environment variable.

Lab Cli

A command line client is provided called lab in the style of a similarly named tool hub for GitHub. From source you can run as:

dune exec -- lab <arguments>

If you opam install lab then the executable is available as lab.

Run lab -h for more information about cli options.


Running mdx tests for lab cli:

# Run integration tests against real gitlab instance
dune runtest --profile non-deterministic

# Promote any changes
dune runtest --profile non-deterministic --auto-promote

NOTE that ocaml-ci doesn't run these tests, any changes to the cli need to be validated manually.


MDX Setup in RWO