Irmin, a distributed database that follows the same design principles as Git
Module Irmin . Commit . Generic_key . Make


module H : Type.S
module N : Key.S with type hash = H.t
module C : Key.S with type hash = H.t


Commit values

type t

The type for commit values.

val t : t Type.t
type node_key = N.t

Type for node keys.

val node_key_t : node_key Type.t
type commit_key = C.t

Type for commit keys.

val commit_key_t : commit_key Type.t
module Info = Info

The type for commit info.

val v : info:Info.t -> node:node_key -> parents:commit_key list -> t

Create a commit.

val node : t -> node_key

The underlying node key.

val parents : t -> commit_key list

The commit parents.

val info : t -> Info.t

The commit info.

module Portable : sig ... end