package irmin-pack

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Module type
Class type
type nonrec hash = hash
type t
include Irmin.Private.Node.S with type hash := hash with type t := t with type metadata = Node.metadata with type step = Node.step

Node values

type metadata = Node.metadata

The type for node metadata.

type step = Node.step

The type for steps between nodes.

type value = [
  1. | `Node of hash
  2. | `Contents of hash * metadata

The type for either (node) keys or (contents) keys combined with their metadata.

val v : (step * value) list -> t

create l is a new node.

val list : ?offset:int -> ?length:int -> t -> (step * value) list

list t is the contents of t. offset and length are used to paginate results.

val empty : t

empty is the empty node.

val is_empty : t -> bool

is_empty t is true iff t is empty.

val find : t -> step -> value option

find t s is the value associated with s in t.

A node can point to user-defined contents. The edge between the node and the contents is labeled by a step.

val add : t -> step -> value -> t

add t s v is the node where find t v is Some s but is similar to t otherwise.

val remove : t -> step -> t

remove t s is the node where find t s is None but is similar to t otherwise.

Value types

val t : t Irmin.Type.t

t is the value type for t.

val default : metadata

default is the default metadata value.

val metadata_t : metadata Irmin.Type.t

metadata_t is the value type for metadata.

val hash_t : hash Irmin.Type.t

hash_t is the value type for hash.

val step_t : step Irmin.Type.t

step_t is the value type for step.

val value_t : value Irmin.Type.t

value_t is the value type for value.

val pred : t -> [ `Node of hash | `Inode of hash | `Contents of hash ] list
val of_bin : (hash -> Elt.t option) -> Elt.t -> t
val to_bin : t -> Elt.t
val save : add:(hash -> Elt.t -> unit) -> mem:(hash -> bool) -> t -> unit
val hash : t -> hash
val stable : t -> bool
val length : t -> int
val index : depth:int -> step -> int
val integrity_check : t -> bool

Checks the integrity of an inode.

module Concrete : sig ... end
val to_concrete : t -> Concrete.t

to_concrete t is the concrete inode tree equivalent to t.

val of_concrete : Concrete.t -> (t, Concrete.error) result

of_concrete c is Ok t iff c and t are equivalent.

The result is Error e when a subtree tree of c has an integrity error.


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