MirageOS-compatible Irmin stores
Module Irmin_mirage_git . Make . G . Ref
val list : t -> (Reference.t * Hash.t) list Lwt.t

list state returns an associated list between reference and its bind hash.

val mem : t -> Reference.t -> bool Lwt.t

mem state ref returns true iff ref exists in state, otherwise returns false.

read state reference returns the value contains in the reference reference (available in the git repository state).

val resolve : t -> Reference.t -> ( Hash.t, error ) result Lwt.t

resolve state reference returns endpoint of reference (available in the git repository state).

val write : t -> Reference.t -> Reference.head_contents -> ( unit, error ) result Lwt.t

write state reference value writes the value value in the mutable representation of the reference in the git repository state.

val remove : t -> Reference.t -> ( unit, error ) result Lwt.t

remove state reference removes the reference reference from the git repository state.