package irmin-cli

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Module type
Class type

Irmin store resolver.

val global_option_section : string
val branch : string option Cmdliner.Term.t
module Hash : sig ... end
type hash = Hash.t
module Contents : sig ... end
type contents = Contents.t

Global Configuration

module Store : sig ... end


val load_config : ?plugin:string -> ?root:string -> ?config_path:string -> ?store:string -> ?hash:hash -> ?contents:string -> unit -> Store.t * Irmin.config

Load config file from disk

plugin is the path to an OCaml plugin in cmxs format to be loaded at runtime

config_path can be used to specify the location of a configuration file.

root is used to specify the path of the store.

The values provided for store, hash and contents will be used by default if no other value is found in the config file

type store =
  1. | S : 'a Store.Impl.t * 'a Lwt.t * Store.remote_fn option -> store
val store : unit -> store Cmdliner.Term.t

Parse the command-line arguments and then the config file.

type Irmin.remote +=
  1. | R of Cohttp.Header.t option * string
val remote : unit -> (store * Irmin.remote Lwt.t) Cmdliner.Term.t

Parse a remote store location.


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